How to use

You need to create an email account for Email-to-Fax Server. To send email attachments as faxes, you and your users will send emails to this email address with the destination fax number in the email's subject line (e.g. (555)222-5656). The program will remove any non-numeric characters from the subject line, so you can format your number as you wish.

To use Email-to-Fax Server you must:
  1. Install the windows faxing services included in Windows. Use Windows components Add/Remove to do that.
  2. Configure the fax services in Windows. This is usually done by right clicking the "Fax" icon and then going to "Properties" in the "Printers and Faxes" folder. As of the current version, the name of the fax to be used must be "Fax".
  3. Edit the applicationContext.xml file found in the "Configuration" folder.

The configuration file tells the program the POP settings to use for receiving the emails that will be sent as faxes and also the SMTP settings to use for sending received faxes. A list of the configuration values is shown here:
  • SmtpServer: this must be the address of your smtp server that will be used by the program to send emails.
  • SmtpPort: The port number of the above smtp server.
  • PopServer: this must be the address of your POP server that will be used by the program to receive emails.
  • PopPort: The port number of the above POP server.
  • Username and Password: the POP username and password of the email account of the fax server where users send their email to.
  • FaxServerEmailAddress: The email address where users send their email to to be faxed.
  • ReceiverEmailAddress: the email address where incoming faxes will be sent to.
  • DeleteMessagesOnServer: true or false. If true, it will delete the emails received in the fax server's email account once they are ready to be faxed.
  • ReceivedFaxEmailSubject: The subject line of the emails sent containing any incoming fax.
  • ReceivedFaxEmailContent: The text body of the above mentioned email.
  • RunEverySeconds: Specifies the interval in seconds when the program will check for new emails.
  • ReceivedFaxesFolderPath: the folder path (absolute) that stores the received faxes as you specified when configuring the Windows Fax Services.
  • ValidDomainName: The domain from which your users can send faxes from. Any email sent from an email address with a different domain will be rejected and NOT sent.


  • where to unpack the zip file?
You can unzip it anywhere, I recommend a path without spaces, like c:\emailtofax
  • once one changed the infos into the configuration xml file, there is something to start? an exe somewhere?
Yes, the exe is in bin\Debug. In fact, you need to copy the configuration folder (that has your edited configuration) into this "bin\debug" folder.
  • how the fax service knows that there is a email-to-fax service do i need to configure something on the windows fax server also?
The exe will hook up automatically to the fax service. No need to do anything special with it.

A special thanks goes to bender07 for the help pointing out the missing instructions.

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sahmada Feb 26, 2013 at 8:46 PM 
I just downloaded it and unzipped it in the root, but I can not run it! It gives me error in win7 ultimate.
Any Help??????

cetipabo Jul 17, 2012 at 12:49 PM 
hi !
i just tested with XP SP3, there is a run_server.bat so i tried to run the service with this file but nothing happens, in the task manager i can't see anything new runing....would it be possible to have some support ?

cetipabo Jul 16, 2012 at 10:03 PM 
Hi !
just downloaded the application (V1.2), there is no bin\debug folders...